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Photos reveal end-of-life state of 35-year-old mother who drank 40 beers a day

What happens when you get to the point of developing a 40 beer-a-day diet? Beverly Pickorer found out and the outcome was not just horrific, but deadly.

Only 35-years-old, she had four children and ended up not just dying from her habit, but suffering along the way with teeth loss, losing the ability to speak, being frequently ill and ending up in a care facility where she couldnt do anything on her own. The chronic alcohol abuse had caused cirrhosis of the liver and eventually her early death.

Beverly had a partner who actually stuck by her the whole time, witnessing a five and a half year health decline which led to the photo we see here. Posted by Anthony Howard, her partner, it is an attempt to bring awareness to what can happen from prolonged alcohol abuse.

Cirrhosis is only one of four diseases that may hurt the liver as a result of prolonged alcohol abuse. The others being are: steatosis (fatty liver), alcoholic hepatitis, and fibrosis.

Alcohol can also cause other parts of the body to become weak as we can see in the photo of Beverly. Toxic substances are produced by the pancreas due to alcohol consumption, leading to pancreatitis, the inflammation of blood vessels within the pancreas that reduces the body’s digestive capabilities.

Even more than the physical, alcohol can take hold of the mental. Alcohol abuse is considered a psychological disorder, ranked right alongside of ADHD and depression. This is a huge new light being shown on alcoholics as the perception has always been that reckless and careless individuals are purposely wreaking havoc on themselves. Seeing the addiction as more of a mental disorder opens the door for treatments to be tailored to deal with what the psychological needs are to combat the problem.

In 2012, 17 million adults in the U.S. were reported suffering from Alcoholic Use Disorder, or AUD. They ranged from mild to sever. The criteria for the mild to severe AUD classifications involve questions which have to do with alcohol cravings, blackouts, tolerance, time spent drinking, after effects and more. Beverlys photo is a horrific reminder of just how out of hand things can become when you become too addicted to the sauce. It can lead to tumbling down a path where the grip reaper is the one waiting for you at the end.

Thankfully there are solutions and treatments available and now psychological tools can be implemented to break the addictive, self destructive patterns.

Remember, the path towards the reaper is not a casual stroll. You lose your teeth along the way and your body deteriorates down to nothing, while your loved ones have to witness the horror.

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