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luckychams says:

MRW the pizza guy shows up.

geneparmesan07 says:


TomMarvoloRiddler says:

Why can’t we just be friends.

SirAwesomeTheThird says:

Judging by his face, it’s more like piece of fuck.

copingcabana says:

I always thought this was a photo of a dog assassin tricking the cat into opening the door. “Doge takes no joy in this [pht…phtpht].”

MistaBlank says:

Reddit bringing the real quality.

Kravenhowl0 says:

Potato Pizza. Brb trying new things.

thatnumberis8675309 says:

It is actually fantastic… Mashed potato pizza, that is.

BaconStripper says:

Still reminds me of Get Fuzzy

DJGnarly says:

Everything about this picture makes the opposite of sense.

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