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Please Don’t Use Any Of These Halloween Costumes This Year, They’re the Worst.

Halloween is a time to express yourself in ways that you can’t during the rest of the year. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of the holiday to create some truly offensive, and extremely inflammatory, costumes.

Please do us all a favor this Halloween and avoid wearing any of these 19 costumes. Especially #11….Why?!

1.) Zombie Steve Jobs. Is it too soon for this costume?

2.) A homeless person. Nothing like using Halloween to make fun of the less fortunate.

3.) I have no words…..

4.) Ebola doctor. Because what Halloween would be complete without some Ebola costumes.

5.) Fidel Castro. Dictators make the best Halloween costumes, apparently.

6.) Hilter and Anne Frank. These people are really clueless, aren’t they?

7.) Mexican riding a donkey. Talk about a racist costume.

8.) The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. I don’t think this guy can pull of the costume.

9.) Malaysian Flight 370 Crew. Apparently the disappearance of an airliner and 239 people makes for a good Halloween costume.

10.) Missing child milk carton. Please no one wear this costume.

11.) The Twin Towers. How could anyone think this is a good idea for a costume?!

12.) A fat ballerina. Did she even think this costume through?

13.) Red necks. I don’t think so.

14.) A child suicide bomber. I think someone needs parenting lessons.

15.) Ray Rice. The words to react to this costume escape me.

16.) Amanda Bynes. I don’t think a mentally ill celebrity makes for a very good costume.

17.) Jacqueline and John Kennedy. Nothing like a dead president for the perfect Halloween costume, right?

18.) Breast friends. *facepalm*

19.) The finger. I think this one is pretty self explanatory.

In conclusion, please don’t be any of these people this Halloween. There are a ton of other awesome costume ideas out there to choose from.

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