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Political Animals In The Wild At The DNC

1. Here’s Robert Gibbs, Former Press Secretary For President Obama, Eastwooding

2. Not To Be Outdone, Here’s Pulitzer Prize-Winning Humorist Dave Barry Eastwooding The Hell Out Of That Stool

3. Jeff Bridges Was Everywhere…Here He Is Rushing Into His Hotel (He’s Not Blur Bombing My Picture Of That Woman, I’m Just A Terrible Photographer)

4. New York Senator Chuck Schumer, Sitting Down With BuzzFeed’s Very Own John Stanton And Ben Smith, Enjoyed A Krispy Kreme

5. Terry McAuliffe, Former Democratic National Committee Chairman And Hillary Clinton Campaign Advisor, Was Yelled At By A Cop For Exiting Through The Wrong Door

6. And Michigan Senator Carl Levin Was Yelled At For Not Showing His Credentials Before Entering The Arena…Getting Yelled At About Credentials Was A Common Occurence At The DNC

7. Mark Halperin, “Game Change” Author And Pundit’s Pundit, Takes A Call While Sheltering Himself From The Rain

8. Rain Was A Big Problem Throughout The Week…That’s Huffpost Political Analyst Howard Fineman On The MSNBC Stage With Soaking Wet Pants

9. Speaking Of MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnel Looked Lost

10. But Brian Williams Swagged Through The Main Lobby Like A Man With A Mission

11. Savanah Guthrie From “Today” Had To Wait For The Elevator Like Everyone Else, Time She Spent On Her Phone

12. Media And Political Figures On Their Phones Was Pretty Much Their Default Position, As Further Evidenced By Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey

13. Vermont Senator Pat Leahy Took Time Out Of Texting To Chat IRL With Washington Post Columnist E.J. Dionne

14. “Meet The Press” Host David Gregory Blurrily Shooting The Breeze (Again, Terrible Photographer)

15. Yes, That’s Evan Bayh

16. Yes, That’s M.C. Hammer

Photo courtesy of Ashley McCollum!

17. Newark Mayor Cory Booker Was Mobbed Wherever He Went, Including By BuzzFeed Reporter Rosie Gray (She’s Pretty Diminutive, But Booker Is Also A Big Dude)

18. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar Hanging Out With Fellow Headwear Enthusiasts

19. Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, Understandably Exhausted By Her Full Throtle Speech

The barn-burning Macho Man Randy Savage speech can be seen here.

20. The Morning After Obama’s Acceptance Speech, The Charlotte Airport Was Crawling With Seemingly Every Figure Of The Media Elite

That’s Chris Matthews from “Hardball” in the baseball cap, talking with Andrea Mitchell from MSNBC to his right, as Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Eugene Robinson chills out in front of them with his iPad.

21. Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele Noshes With CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Over Some Starbucks

22. But Nobody Could Compete With The Reverend Al Sharpton When It Came To Being Adored By Fellow Air Travellers

23. It Was An Epic Convention…Sing Us Off Mary J. Blige!

24. Wave Goodbye, Barney Frank!

25. You Too, Jared Leto!

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