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Popped up on a friend's newsfeed and I thought you guys would enjoy this.


loveandallthat says:

My favorite part is where they compare Texas to Australia even though Australia is a continent.

bustyblonde says:

I did enjoy it

zigzagler says:

That only applies to the upper portion of Canada. Things are tightly-condensed in the southern part near the border.

TastefullyEvil says:

Pretty solid win for Canada.

thatoneredheadedguy says:

oh ya? well…if I drive 2 1/2 hrs I go from desert, to plains, to forest, to snow forest, to plains, and back to desert.

thiscannotpossiblygowrong says:

Too bad nobody went to a Russia comparison.

thiscannotpossiblygowrong says:

Depends on the definition of Europe, if you include European Russia, it’d be more like 600 million people.

Thuseverfortyrants says:

No I do not. I never really got over the fall of the iron curtain.

wonderificouldripyourarmoff says:

no one even bother to compare to russia.

benjamizzlemanizzle says:

I live in Scotland. If you drive for 45 minutes, you’re probably 30 minutes away from Scotland.

WeAreMadeOfStarDust says:

And then there is Russia…

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