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Pork Taco's, from a market in Mexico City.


InterestingFacts says:

dafuq is it just me or does that look almost exactly like chipotle?

calmyourtittysaurus says:

Total ripoff from Taco Bell

Sprinkleton says:

This was posted by a cartel member. I can tell because it’s from Mexico City and OP isn’t dead.

JONthebaT says:

My mouth just came

LeosOscar says:

Is instagram leaking?

he2lium says:

Guys, I went to reddit to look for an explanation and they’re just all talking about using tacos to influence immigration reform.

triggrhaapi says:

Or you can get them in Los Angeles and not get stabbed.

fonzanoon says:

What is this, Facebook? I don’t care about my friends’ meals, much less a total stranger’s. I am not amused.

HowDoIInternet says:

I don’t like corn tortillas.

PeopleWhoLikeCuddleWolvesBlow says:

They own your colon.

ChumDumpster says:

ew don’t even joke about that >:P

notenoughfoodporn says:

Finally, food porn

demut says:

What are you talking about?

JohnBrom says:

Pork tacos…. hehe..sexual food wordplay

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