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Posted a drawing and a few (well, literally 3 people) liked it, so I figured I'd post another sketch.


Nitekast says:

Very nice, you’re quite talented.

Nonofyourbusiness says:

She dove off!

infinityparadox says:

You spent a lot of time on the eyes. I can tell. I can feel her surprise.

Chaostar says:

Suddenly: BIG Bada-boom

Sassypants725 says:

Awesome work!

dergrimm says:

You have amazing talent, thank you very much for sharing this!!!!

lockedoutside says:

Dude! This is so dude! Keep it up Dude!

battletoads says:

Kind of reminds me of “habeeb it”

solgoode says:

beeeeeggbaddaboom (OoO) /

Chimaira says:

People like reposts, they’re not into OC. Good on you for posting or creations.

moshroom says:

‘literally’ – why?

SushiJaguar says:

Come on, guys, she knows it’s an artclasspass.

Lhykosidae says:

Disproportionate jaw aside, this is amazing.

curlyhair says:

Am I the only one here who can’t draw?

gagedlimits says:

this is sick!

CanadianTuxedo says:

Ahahaha wtf is this shit

JediKnightGZ says:

Id say Ke$ha, but there is no jizz on her

bluecardigan says:

is it just me or are there many artist imgurians out there? (im new here)

TheBigLebowskiFromTheCreatorsofFargo says:

*llama, my bad.

NoelleMentel18 says:

mm that ia a unique photo !

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