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Premium Mosquito Repellent Bracelets – 1 Pack – DEET-FREE All Natural Wristbands – 250Hrs of Protection Against Mosquitoes and Insects – Mosquito Pest Control Repellent for Kids and Adults (12)

– Tired of spraying stinky and potentially harmful sprays containing Deet on your skin?
– Are you looking for a repellent that will keep mosquitoes away the natural way and protect your, your friends and family?
– Would you like an all-natural deet-free repellent that is comfortable to wear and easy to use?
If you answered yes to any of those questions then these Mosquito Bands are PERFECT for you!
They are High Quality and Highly Effective
Safe for you and all family members Eco-friendly do to the lack of harmfull chemicals normally found in aerosol sprays. Made of natural substances and DEET-FREE. These come in 5 stylish colors with up to 250 hours of protection.
High Efficiency and Made to a High Quality
Premium mosquito repellent bracelets are each infused with a highly effective and 100% natural combination of natural oils derived from mosquito repellent plants. Manufactured with space age hi-tech molding technology. Bracelets give off a fresh scent of all natural oils. Finally enjoy your time outside without the hassle of pesky mosquitoes and insects.
Benefits and Features – Easy to wear and stylish. – One size fits all. – 24 hour a day protection. – Eco-friendly and 100% natural. – 12 pack to provide protection for your whole family. – Thoroughly inspected. – Tested by my children, friends, and partners. – Individual bracelets come in various packaging that is resealable for storing.
Buy With Confidence, 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
We strive to have the best customer service, if you have any questions or concerns, please ask and we will respond as quickly as possible! If you are ever unsatisfied, contact us and we will work to resolve your concerns.
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Product Features

  • ALL NATURAL NO-SPRAY DEET-FREE TECHNOLOGY – These mosquito bracelets are DEET-FREE and are made of natural substances such as citronella & eucalyptus. You no longer have to spray yourself or your loved ones to protect against pesky mosquito bites. BUG CRAZIES Mosquito Repellent Bracelets are 100% guaranteed to help repel mosquitoes. The combination of these natural substances effectively disrupts a mosquito’s ability to sense you!
  • ADJUSTABLE TO ALL SIZES – The bracelets can be adjusted to fit children and adults. They are easy to slip on and feel comfortable on both adults and children. You no longer have to worry about finding the right size.
  • 12 BRACELETS PER PACK – Unlike other sellers, we’re giving you 12 bracelets (not just 10). Each bracelet offers 250+ HOURS of protection i.e. 3000 hours per set! The bracelets come with a high-quality resealable storage bag to preserve effectiveness when not in use.
  • GUARANTEED OUTDOOR PROTECTION – They are perfect for traveling, gardening, BBQ, hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities. Thanks to these bracelets you will no longer be a mosquito magnet. Waterproof & very convenient to wear outdoors or indoors. Unlike other bracelets, ours have been thoroughly tested and have a great track record of keeping mosquitoes away.
  • 1 Package with 12 bracelets in it, package is resealable! Don’t forget to check out our 2 packs of 12 listing.

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I liked nothing! There was no individual packaging

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Great product that REALLY works!

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