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Press “0” for Companionship


FlaggedForGirafficContent says:

Trying to get the alignment right 🙁

punchingostriches says:

It’s slightly off, and as much as it bothers me I can”t take back my upvote…

FlaggedForGirafficContent says:

I resized it… but it has not updated

FlaggedForGirafficContent says:

getting it close at 300×300… gonna try a different size.

FlaggedForGirafficContent says:

It seems that the favorite heart does not align centered with the image… I tried 290px tall and it is in the middle then… but not center

FlaggedForGirafficContent says:

Also using google chrome if that makes a difference. Trying to get that this to line up right.

SausageAndEggMacGuffin says:

@FlaggedForGirafficContent –

elfoe says:

Can we get a shoutout to @SausageAndEggMacGuffin for making this three months ago?


I know! I’ll trick people into upvoting me!

donnyhearne says:

It’s a trap!

Jardok says:

works for me bro

copaceticbatgirl says:

It actually looks more accurate if you hit it twice, so it’s the red heart.

GoThenThereAreOtherWorldsThanThese says:

Aww, this one has a broken heart. You monster.

MyUnitedKingdomOfWhatever says:

Yeah, okay, it sucks being a mobile user sometimes

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