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SBDESIGN Excellence says:

Need my reading

Bud E says:

I’m ashamed to have messaged either of you as casually as I did. I’m just trynna synthesize as much game as possible to put it on wax and learn somebody something. I ain’t nobody special.

Nabiyah1 says:

29:21 "Squares only guarantee that you gone face adversity & that there are going to be obstacles that you must overcome. It doesn't mean that you will fail at them!" Ra Akhu #Facts
Great Point & Reminder

Nabiyah1 says:

Blessings brother Blue, would you shed some light for clarity? If Akh is reading the brother's birth chart, how does he not know if he's a cancer rising? 25:40 Did he use a default methodology in the absence of his actual birth time to get a ball park assessment of the alignment of the planets during his birth? Clearly, if we are looking at an actual natal chart for the specific time for a incarnation that was charted for particular entry, we would know the rising sign. Also, which system was he gleaning because he mentioned both Sidereal & Tropical. Shukran Jazeelan

Andrew Dudley says:

Pop Smoke, Cock Stroke, Niggaz dyin' everyday. Fuck a celebrity.


AA went in on Minister Enqi!!!! Damn!!!!

Yanna Jay says:

I need all 4 of you guys on speed dial lol no seriously

WolfWindblade Adofo says:

from Pop Smoke to Kobe/NFL in an indiscernible instant …wtf?

Time 2work says:

I’m so pissed the conversation got spun, when Ra was about to say the 4 days of abundance !!! I need to know

thisguyhere23 says:

All opinions no facts

Leon Staton says:

What does the planet Mars and the zodiac sign Scorpio have to do with a rapper being murdered I mean come on now people these conspiracy theories are insane

Richard A. Eagan says:

RA AKUB looking like RA FIKI

Richard A. Eagan says:

The 4 horsemen! Back…blogtalkradio KTL AA RASHEED RA AKUB…BRING IT BACK!

mo hill says:

And that's my new moniker now! BROTHA HO CAKES! Bofl..I'm running with that all year …

Chicagoat 95 says:

This build right here legendary

Sir BigHead says:

3:14:11 Ra Akhu's phone number

Sir BigHead says:

Ra Akhu blew my mind. Salute to the master teacher.

Sunny Chakra says:

2:46:46 wish you could see my face right now.

Open 642 says:

Lack of CULTURE ‼️Even during the period of time spoken about when the family was together, there wasn’t overall cohesion.

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