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Pusha T on Kanye & Reuniting w/ the Neptunes for “King Push”

Pusha T talks about his relationship with Kanye West, reuniting the production team of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo for “King Push”, and his new tour with…

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Hilton Andrade says:

pusha gave him a funny look at the end tho.. lol… king push!

Amon DeJesus says:

Push is by far killing the game keep that shit popping 

champ20nsMUFC says:

My favorite beats and songs by far on My Name Is My Name were those that
were produced by Kanye.
Maybe If Pusha has Kanye fine tweak all the beats before the album is mixed
it will just give the album a more polished sound, kinda like what Dre did
with GKMC for Kendrick.

ExtraDomus says:

MNIMN wouldn’t have been what it is without nosetalgia, numbers on the
board and sweet serenade – he’s absolutely right to do his thing in the

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