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Put That On Your Plate!


Anonymous says:

Fun and interesting – some historical slip-ups… Really fun and interesting show. Set design is amazing and the clothes – to die for! I love Tony Shalhoub, and the rest of the cast is very good. I do take exception to some anachronisms in the script. Yes I was alive in the 50s and I am pretty sure people did not ask “Is that a thing?” or say “It is what it is”…Also, when Midge comes home from her first day of work and takes off her shoes – no stockings! Bare legged was definitely not a thing back then. I believe someone says…

Anonymous says:

Trite and not funny

Anonymous says:

Unchecked White Privilege Packaged as a Sanitized Feminist Narrative Abounding in stereotypes, the whole show glosses over real issues of gender, class, and race under the not-so-subtle banner of a very one-dimensional, stereotypical brand of “feminism.” While femism has progressed to questions of inter-sectionality, etc. this show invokes the most crudely glaring cliches of early feminism as if inventing them for the first time. Everything you hated about Palladino’s character Rory in Gilmore Girls resurface in Mrs. Maisel with a vengeance – and no hint of…

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