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Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn – Built-in Siren – 20 Watt Adjustable Volume Control & 800 Yard Range – Ideal for Football, Soccer, Baseball, Cheerleading Fans, Coaches & Safety Drills – PMP20

PylePro Model : PMP20

Compact Battery Operated Megaphone

Compact Megaphone Speaker, Battery Operated, Siren Alarm Mode, Volume Control

Features:Compact Megaphone Speaker(2) Audio Projection Modes: Voice Talking & Siren AlertVoice Mode: Amplifies Your Voice as Spoken into the Microphone Siren Alert Mode: Amplifies an Emergency Tone Through the Megaphone SpeakerBattery Operated, Requires (4) x ‘C’ Batteries, Not IncludedErgonomic Pistol Grip and Light-Weight ChassisQuick Folding Handle for PortabilityAdjustable Volume ControlPower Saving OFF SwitchFor Indoor/Outdoor Use
Technical Specs:Power Output: 20 Watt MAXAudio Projection Range: Up to 400+ YardsMegaphone Dimensions: Diameter 5.4” x Length 8.6”

The Pyle PMP20 Megaphone Speaker is compact, portable and powerful! With each iteration of flagship megaphones, Pyle has improved the battery life, power and ergonomic functionality. Control the crowd from a distance with an audio projection range of up to 400 yards. Additional features include switch-activated siren alarm mode, adjustable volume control, along with a convenient folding handle grip — and it’s all housed in a compact battery operated design (requires (4) x ‘C’ batteries, not included). Enjoy lightweight and versatile PA speaker control with the Pyle Compact Megaphone.

Product Features

  • MULTIPURPOSE: Has been utilized by indoor & outdoor fire officers, mentors, police, firefighters, cheerleader, schools, sports activities, occasion organizers and director megaphone want to utilize this minimal bullhorn for various reasons
  • VOICE AMPLIFIER MODE: Amplifies your voice into the microphone. This mini electronic bullhorn megaphone produces 20 watts of sound that can possibly cover 400 yards. Lightweight 1.44 lbs and alarm mode battery operated
  • SIREN ALERT MODE: Pyle PMP20 amplifies an emergency tone with adjustable volume control through the megaphone speaker. Our versatile bullhorn really equals that of which is delivered by significantly bigger and considerably more costly gadgets
  • VERSATILE: This portable megaphone with siren is amazingly lightweight and has been fitted with an advantageous conveying strap. Our megaphone bullhorn speaker works with just 4 C batteries. Bring it with you to your next exceptional occasion
  • WORKED IN SOUNDS: It has been pre-introduced with a wide range of sounds that will add fervor to your occasion. Utilize the siren when you need to stand out enough to be noticed. Our amplifier bullhorns offer a scope of audibles including a siren

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Anonymous says:

Always tell your child/ren you love them…loudly if necessary.

Anonymous says:

it’s a nice little unit For the price, it’s a nice little unit. I wanted one that took “C” batteries. It was bought to just play around with and have some fun at my work. I’ll say this about it’s loudness, if you are in a fairly quiet environment with little background noise, you can hear this thing for hundreds of feet away very clearly. So I think it would be great for coaches or marching bands leaders or the like. Places where you’re doing the talking and most everyone else is just trying to hear what…

Anonymous says:

This solved the problem and they both love it!

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