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Q&A with Hertz on the future of mobile

Search marketing is going through a rapid transformation driven by new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Voice Search, Visual Search, Amazon, Blockchain and more impacting how we search for information and buy products and services online.

The Transformation of Search Summit, taking place in New York on October 19 combines the expertise of ClickZ and Search Engine Watch, in partnership with Catalyst (part of GroupM), along with speakers from Hertz, Hilton, Condé Nast, LEGO and more, to dissect the current landscape and provide a deep-dive into the actionable steps to futureproof and protect your strategy.

Earlier this week we sat down with Jason White, Director of SEO at Hertz, to deep dive into his session ‘Mobile: The myth, the legend, the reality’.

Let’s see what he had to say….

ClickZ: Tell us a bit about your role at Hertz?

Jason White: I lead a team of rockstars who oversee Hertz, Dollar Car Rental, and Thrifty Car Rental’s SEO performance. We’re responsible for accurately indexing location data, amplifying content and landing pages, technical improvements and have developed an award-winning content marketing process. As a global corporation, we move much faster than you would think – every day is different and full of new opportunities.

CZ: What are your key priorities over the next 12 months?

JW: Eating my competitor’s cheese! The next 12 months will be an exciting time for all of our brands as we bring new initiatives and partnerships to our customers.

CZ: What is your biggest challenge in achieving these?

JW: We work across business units and often bridge digital knowledge gaps between teams such as sales and IT. With so many people to work with, our priorities don’t always align and this can slow down the process. Being friendly and smiling a lot certainly helps things move!

CZ: Tell us a bit about your session at the Search Summit?

JW: I’ve been hearing about “the year of mobile search” for over a decade so I’m excited to discuss what I think the future holds based on the trends we’ve been seeing.

CZ: What are the 3 key takeaways from your session?

JW: Mobile is hard but we all have the same problems. Channels are fractured and mobile is creating further division. The future of mobile will be exciting.

CZ bonus question: What is your go-to diner order?

JW: I’ve got 17 endorsements for Burrito eating on LinkedIn. Those people can’t be wrong!

Join the discussion and meet 300 other senior marketers trying to solve the same problems. Be sure to check out the full agenda here.

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