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Racist plates


Keleesi says:

Ahh. The actual plates. I was all like, that doesn’t look like fried chicken in the middle

iJewBear says:

There’s a bar joke somewhere in there.

PetrificusTotalus says:

I can’t tell if the Asian guy is happy or pissed.

commentsyoucanteven says:


AdmiralLyokoFreasion says:

“What the fuck man, I ordered the fried chicken!” – Blue Shirt Guy

LoneDirewolf says:

Mexican Plate: Tortilla

welltheysay says:

What is that woman doing there? That’s not the kitchen!

DomZombie says:

Black guy looks irritated as shit.

Pigthedog says:

Subtle racism. It always exists

benephon says:

this the one about the white guy the black guy and the asian guy walking into a bar?

DrPepperShaker says:

The white guy ain’t even mad.

bucksroom says:

that doesn’t look like fried chicken

querub says:

black and yellow, black and yellow

PaPaPeacock says:

If it’s a true stereotype it’s not racist

weavehole says:

Each to their own

TKLA67 says:

Something about, math, watermelon and bad dancing.

dameet says:

All the Asian guy needs now is chopsticks

donnyhearne says:

Diversity wins

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