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Real Housewives of Atlanta S6 Ep16 Review


ImThaReeless says:

Youtube yall better get it together, I recorded this mess yesterday and it
just finished loading. Over 24 hours to upload for a 18 minute viddy. No

Jaya H says:

ctfu @ right track chilleeeeeeeeeeeee

lasirenas1 says:

That serenade was everything girl!

Kasey Tucker says:

You stupid lmfao! But you know we love your crazy ass! Speaking of crazy
let me hit Kemo up so he can get his kicks too!

Belsize Park says:

You have a great voice. Make sure to include some singing in every video.
Pretty please!

Jayda Byrd says:

Good job on the video and I love your singing voice it’s so beautiful! 

icekold1908 says:

Nene is always preaching about what not to do but then turns around and
does it. Evites for her wedding, being cool with walter, etc…

Louis Evans'Witherspoon says:

I love this review and your voice. You better give me them alto vocals.

Mo Getit says:

Braids are bangin!!!

Jeremy Irby says:

Happy bday! So glad u back!!!!

Malishi Brown says:

Are you a fellow aquarius? I heard you say you just had a birthday. Happy
belated bday boo!!!

MsTevii says:

Those eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U need to review that yes!

sannrob1 says:

Are you going to do reviews on Basketball Wives LA?

Eric Duffy says:

You’re giving me Angela Bassett/ Marie Laveau from American Horror Story
Coven & yes that’s a compliment. 

iwantgoodies777 says:

CUTE. (lol)
givin me them pisces vocals.. YAS

K J says:

Oh ur too good for us now huh? These reviews are coming every one in a
while now. I see u.

Kim P says:

Bondy Blue brought me here, what a beautiful voice! I’m a paragraph writer
when I’m on fire about a subject so I’m stopping here. 

ImThaReeless says:

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