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Recreational Marijuana Was Just Legalized In 4 States And People Are Stoked

California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevadavoted to legalize recreational marijuana onElection Day this Tuesday.

The stateswere voting on a variety of measures to do with legalization.

Arizona votersdid not support the measures in the state-wide votes.

Four states Florida, Arkansas, North Dakota and Montana voted on medical marijuana laws.

Florida, Arkansas, North Dakota and Montanavoters supported legalizing medical marijuana and loosening laws on medical marijuana.

California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevadanow joinWashington D.C., Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and Washington state with legal recreational weed.

This means that eightstates and the District of Columbia now have legal marijuana.

And yes, to confirm, recreational marijuana means weed you can smoke for fun.

But dont light up just yet. Even though the votes went through, that doesnt necessarily mean recreational weed is legal in those states right at this second.

Wait untilthe laws fully go into effect.

Although weed has been legalized in these states, its not legal for all people to smoke there.

Each state has age limits imposed on the consumption of marijuana. Just like with alcohol, you have to be 21 and over in order to legally smoke weed.

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