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Review | CAPTAIN PHILLIPS (Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi, Paul Greengrass)


PearsNwhiskay . says:

gotta love these types of movies where the it’s the actors first screenplay.

DeletedDonkey says:

frickin rad

Billy Caba says:

I think they shouldnt of cut anything because the pirates were on the actual boat for a handful of hours. where as they were in the life boat for days. So I think the movie did a great job at showing how long it actually was and what it must have felt like for captain Phillips.

Transcendental Taylor says:

Actually, the REAL captain Phillips abandoned his crew

LJ TheFan says:

I agree it could’ve been much shorter, but Tom hanks was awesome

Josha thomson says:

Well I thought it was great, couldn’t work out whether it was far to long or if it was because I needed a pee through the whole lifeboat part

bobertochuck says:

Eh, I give a 5/10.

Richard Rodriguez says:

Agree 100%. My other problem was I feel if they made it R rated it could have even more powerful instead of some of the water downed violence

SavageViolation says:

The last scene is the first time I have ever cried in the cinema

Sam Stedman says:

Just saw Captain Phillips Eric and I have to say I 100% agree with this review. Acting was excellent and the movie was intense. I also agree the movie could have been cut a little shorter. The movie seemed to drag a little in the 2nd act.

Brittany Fox says:

Totally agree about Tom Hanks there near the end. Especially when he’s getting checked out by the nurse, that was his best scene in my opinion.

CsVictory says:

This was the first time I’ve been able to sit in a packed Cinema and not be bothered by annoying movie-goers, everyone was so fixated. It was an unbelievable experience.

CreekFanatic42588 says:

Great review Eric I love your beard it’s awesome I wish my beard was as thick as yours is but alas it’s not. I went to see this film last Friday and I was blown away by the pirates performances and Tom Hanks’s performance is well I thought they did a fantastic job from beginning to end I do agree with you that it dragged on a bit on the lifeboat. but what a spectacular finish and that last couple scenes with Tom Hanks recovering from everything that he went through was just fantastic.

GameReaper94 says:

not only that, but Tom Hanks and the people playing the pirates had never met until the first scene they acted in so they could get a realistic reaction from Hanks when the pirates boarded. they had Hanks on the Today show and he mentioned that

Matt Chavez says:

I’ve been watching PMI for a long time, I just noticed about your reviews, that you constantly remind the viewers that its just your opinion, most reviewers don’t do that very well, which causes a lot of conflict, but you make it obvious that you personally did and didn’t like certain things, great review, I’ve been wanting to see this, I’ll check it out soon 🙂

KrazyLoveless says:

Awesome review! I can’t wait to see this with my boyfriend soon! I’m hoping you’ll review the new Carrie as well!

griptaily says:

he’s mentioned escape from tomorrow quite a bit on shows. i found it kinda…i guess not clear. they never really explain a lot of the stuff of what’s going on. I was really confused through most of it. and too much of the movie focused on body and body fluids of the guy which made it weird for me. i liked those french girls though

sonatadra says:

Knowing Eric ,he won’t see it !

Dede Dp says:

I like this

Gwunk says:

I advise anybody to SEE THIS FILM.

Ryan Meyer says:

That last ten minutes or so of the movie were breathtaking and that’s where Tom Hanks topped it all off. If he doesn’t win anything for just that last scene alone, I’d be upset.

Paisley says:

I was the same way! I kept forgetting they were just actors, and not real pirates!

Matt Saponar says:

good review. I agree with how you said it could have been shorted. Are you guys doing a carrie review?

Drebin31 says:

Positive review, but I think I liked it a little more than you, Eric. It’s my favorite movie of 2013 (so far) and I thought it was Hank’s finest performance in years. I found it tense and suspenseful throughout, despite the long-ish run time. Barkhad Abdi was very impressive too, like you said. I wonder if the Academy will think of him for Supporting Actor – that tends to be a competitive category.

LuxGamer24 says:

I initially shared your thought with the “too much lifeboat” thing, but I went ahead and viewed it a second time and felt that it was well done all around. I’m not sure if you’re into 2nd viewings (especially because there’s A LOT of great movies out there,) but if you view it a 2nd time, you might feel differently about it like I did. Great movie, great review.

Melodicbassist says:

Looked fantastic from the trailers, and I’m glad to hear it’s as good as it looked.

Tyler Scott says:

4.5/5 for me. Fantastic performances and I was on board with the story the whole way through. The worst scene in the film for me was the opening? Just an odd beginning in my opinion.

Tyler Ellis says:

Best movie I’ve seen this year

RsBuzzy0016 says:

I stopped caring about Tom Hanks long long ago.

Jarrett Montgomery says:

Eric! You think you’ll ever do a review of You’re Next? I thought the movie was pretty great and would have loved see what you thought about it.

unholymist says:


whatsup467 says:

Waiting for escape from tomorrow review

elijahpierson says:

I loved this film, although I thought it was a little too long. Tom Hanks was amazing, the pirates were amazing, and at this point, I don’t give a shit about accuracy as long as they get the overall point of it. It’s Hollywood guys. Come on!

jordanclark1993 says:

Hey Eric, did you know the 4 pirates have never acted in movies or TV before? Insane. They were also really born in Somalia.

coolyouification says:

This reminded me of Zero Dark Thirty from last year. A good flick but very inaccurate. The portrayal of the Captain was very off as in real life the crew members have called Phillips a douche bag and a just captain in general. But hey, it is Hollywood. Putting that aside I thought the actors who played the pirates did a an excellent job and Hanks was good as usual. Good watch 3.5/5.

Jon Stewart says:

favorite film of the year

tkatz95 says:

Did you see Rush?

KodyKeplinger says:

Completely agree. The only thing keeping this movie from being really great was the length. The lifeboat could have been cut down a bit to keep the tension up. The first half, on the main ship, is SO GOD and SO INTENSE. And yes! The acting is so great!

airsoftarmy1000 says:


airsoftarmy1000 says:

Any recognize Mack from the unit

ShlomoMetzenbaum says:

Thanks for gettin these reviews up even though you’re busy! Never thought I’d say it but I actually missed your opinion on movies! I agree it dragged out a little when the pirates were trying to escape in the life boat even though in real life that dragged on for about 3 days.

theoliejulies says:

God damn you are uploading these reviews fast.

ShlomoMetzenbaum says:

This is probably my fav movie of the year. Top 3 for sure

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