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Rex Ryan Has A Tattoo Of His Wife Wearing Nothing But A Mark Sanchez Jersey

1. Rex Ryan is no stranger to being perceived as odd. Years ago a video of a woman who appeared to be Ryan’s wife showing off her feet to a cameraman whose admiring voice sounded a lot like Rex Ryan’s went viral.

You can watch it here.

2. Well the New York Daily News followed Rex Ryan on his vacation to the Bahamas this week, and what they discovered was… odd.


Yes. That’s a tattoo of Michelle Ryan wearing nothing but a Mark Sanchez jersey. This is insane. Not the fact that Ryan has a tattoo of his wife. That Rex is still so in love with Michelle is really a testament to what must be a great marriage. What’s insane is that he chose to get Mark Sanchez’s jersey on her. Why? If they say you shouldn’t get tattoos of significant others, because you never know how long relationships will last, that should go double for quarterbacks. Getting a Drew Bledsoe tattoo in Boston in 1998 would have seemed like a good bet, but in hindsight it’s a disaster. This is like that EXCEPT MARK SANCHEZ HAS NEVER BEEN THAT GOOD. No wonder Ryan stuck with the struggling quarterback as long as he did this year. It was a classic case of a coach putting his tattoo’s best interest above that of his team.

4. Regardless, let’s admire this standing monument to what may be America’s greatest marriage.

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