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Richard Roeper’s Reviews – Captain Phillips


phoenix89ist says:

Man now I don’t know what to do. I wanted this movie to be good. Roeper tells me it’s good. I usually end up agreeing. But my sister had a teacher who’s son was on that ship. He took her class to go see it. They hated it.

louise evans says:

Yeah! & he is probably getting a *LOT* of *money* from the film/movie. Shame shame shame ! 4 putting his CREW thru that HELL !!!

alokraja1 says:

what did he say?? richard

Nanz Calrissian says:

I agree with you on the truth about Captain Phillips. Many of his crew members admitted the captain had a death wish and ignored all warnings.  The fact that he’s being portrayed as a hero is absolutely ridiculous.

tropicAces says:

the initial takeover was certainly filmed with closeup shots. But after that it only helped since we felt trapped in the lifeboat too. The climax was just amazing

Grant Fitzgerald says:

It was handheld in every shot accept the helicopter long shots. The reason it felt so bad was because it was filmed with big lenses which made almost every shot a close up or extreme closeup.

tropicAces says:

it was shaky cam for about 5 shots. Otherwise it was masterful

kousoulides says:

thank you Richard great review

DodsworthMcGilicutty says:

Did Greengrass bring his shaky cam and ADD editors?  He shouldn’t be directing traffic.

louise evans says:

con’t: It is my opinion, my rt., just like u…Do u not know that the Oscars r *fixed*.

louise evans says:

U sure sound like a very *Kind- hearted* person u must B *fun* 2 live with! = ha! Go *ahead* Waste ur hard earned money, it is no skin off my nose. make it a great day…

Johnny Fairweather says:

Shut the fuck up, why do you have to be such a self righteous prick? Learn to show some respect to such an amazing piece of cinema. This film touches greatness and it will sweep the oscars this year. You can go fuck yourself you stupid hater

louise evans says:

It was the Captains OWN *FAULT* he was TOLD *not* 2 enter that *pirated* area BUT “did not” LISTEN. He even ADMITTED this himself…So this MOVIE is *FALSE* & Tom Hanks should NOT get an oscar he is an *average* actor = not fantastic…

MrHootiedean says:

So does Tom Hank deserves another Oscar?

Chris Lupo says:

Seeing it next week. I’ve been on a roll recently: Saw Fruitvale last Friday and saw Gravity this week. Nothing but praise for both films. Can’t wait to see this next week.

Charlie Enterline says:


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