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Rob Lowe on Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster: ‘Real life #WestWing episode’!/RobLowe/status/309534592870789120

Life imitates art?

It’s not a filibuster until Sam Seaborn, er, Rob Lowe weighs in.

Sam Seaborne —-> RT ‏@roblowe: There is a real life #WestWing episode being played out in D.C. tonight.

— Caroline Wren (@CarolineWren) March 7, 2013

@roblowe the scary thing is, I was quoting The Steakhouse Filibuster tonight to explain the rules to a friend. #westwing

— Chrissy Olinger (@oliewankanobe) March 7, 2013

@roblowe west wing is a bit less dramatic.That’s sad.

— Megan Gilliland (@MeganGilli) March 7, 2013

@roblowe the #filibuster really draws one in. This may be a real life Mr. Smith goes to Washington. #StandWithRand #5thAmendmentRights

— Andrew Bonds (@DukeBonds) March 7, 2013

@roblowe This is EPIC.CSPAN 2, should be required watching #standwithrand #WestWing

— MrsSpooky (@MrsSpooky) March 7, 2013

WW episodes usually had the president awake though. RT: @roblowe: There is a real life #WestWing episode being played out in D.C. tonight.

— Chris Ashton (@ChrisAshton) March 7, 2013


* * *

Worth noting here:

Rand > Stackhouse RT @twitchyteam: Rob Lowe on Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster: ‘Real life #WestWing episode’

— Assault Cooter (@CooterHolland) March 7, 2013


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