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Ron Paul dropping out?; Update: The bell tolls for his presidential campaign!/Sarah_Boxer/status/202099295464325120

We forgot he was still running. Bless his heart.

Ron Paul speaks of his campaign in the past tense, but doesn't drop out.

— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) May 14, 2012


Ron Paul to end active campaigning (via @PoliticalTicker):

— CNN (@CNN) May 14, 2012

Paul supporters are keeping the (cuckoo pants) faith.!/ceejles/status/202104472321802241!/MiggLovin/status/202103637546250240

But, but delegates or something!

#RonPaul victories in states they were cheated out of

— Rob (@FlippingNinja) May 14, 2012

Ron Paul is not dropping out of the race – He still plans to keep fighting for delegates at state conventions.

— Ray Lawson (@Lawsonbulk) May 14, 2012

And there’s always 2016!

Attention smug, insufferable white dudes: Ron Paul 2016 begins NOW!

— kept_simple (@kept_simple) May 14, 2012

The only people who didn't know Ron Paul was done until today are Ronulans and Ron Paul.

— RB (@RBPundit) May 14, 2012

Yep. But Paul supporters are oh-so-classy, as always!

RT @POLITICOvideo: Ron Paul backers boo Mitt Romney's son at Arizona Republican Party convention.

— POLITICO (@politico) May 14, 2012

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