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Rush (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet)


Jay B. Lane "professional audience member" says:

Full Circle for Ron Howard The first movie Ron Howard ever directed was “Grand Theft Auto.” Since then, he has built a storied, award-winning career; now he has come full circle to another auto-racing film. This biography is based on the true story of an Austrian Formula One champion and his British arch rival. I found it thrilling, involving and highly entertaining.We see: * Daniel Brühl (“Ladies in Lavender”) as three-time Formula One champ Niki Lauda, a buttoned-down technocrat, friendless and…

DashOneCharlie "DashOneCharlie" says:

The Greatest Sports Rivalry I Never Heard Of I went in to see this movie with absolutely no idea what it was about, other than race cars (I prefer drag racing, Formula 1 is one of those European things I never paid attention to). Now I am obsessed with both Hunt and Lauda…the cinematography is great, the ‘feel’ of the era is palpable, the racing scenes are exciting, the casting was brilliant…all in all a wonderful suprise. Even if you aren’t a racing fan, it’s worth a look. And the soundtrack…wonderful!

Minutemarch says:

My only complaint? It was too short. I grew up watching Formula 1 but too late to see James Hunt and Niki Lauda fight it out. Doesn’t matter because this story was always going to get my attention. In fact rarely have I looked to forward to a film. I was not disappointed.I won’t go through the premise here. If you’re reading this I expect you already know it. I will say that this film travels at a pace akin to the cars it features. There’s not a moment to get bored or for the mind to wander. To the contrary. I…

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