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Russia Threatens to NUKE Norway After US Marines Deploy There

Diplomatic relations between NATO countries and Russia continues to decline as Russia has now threatened Norway over the deployment of 330 US Marines to Vrnes, about 700 miles from the Russian border.

According to Ine Eriksen Sreide, Norway’s defense minister, the deployment is nothing more than an exercise and will be reviewed by the end of the year, only two months away. In regards to the threat, she had this to say:

“There is no objective reason for the Russians to react to this. But the Russians are reacting at the moment in the same way toward almost everything the NATO countries are doing.”

The threat comes from a senior Russian politician, who warned Norway that continuing to allow US troops onto their soil had the potential to make them a nuclear target. Frants Klintsevich, Russia’s Defense and Security Commission Deputy Chairman has since stated that the deployment was merely a buildup of what was to come, and that nuclear attacks would be fair game in that scenario.

This threat comes not too far off from when Putin was actively denying any thoughts on attacking anyone at all, which you can see in the video below.

Since 1949 Norway has been a member under NATO, though many may not be aware of the stipulations given by the Soviet Union to do so, which they agreed to. One such stipulation stated that foreign troops would never be allowed to be stationed within the country, which is something Russia feels is about to be violated. That’s their side of the story.

Norway has actually been a place where NATO troops go to train for extreme winter climates since back during World War II and the Germans occupied them – they still worked as closely as possible with the British. In the end this could all be just another training mission which seems highly probable, but the US Government isn’t necessarily known for being upfront with their intentions these days.

This shocking message comes just a week after widespread knowledge of Russia’s new attack helicopter, the Night Hunter gunship, and the nuclear missile formally dubbed “Satan 2”. According to Russian reports this new nuke has the destructive capabilities to wipe out all of Texas in one go, which an absolutely terrifying thought. If relations continue to degrade then the Word War III conspiracies may end up becoming reality, and from the looks of it we’ll see the end of life as we know it entirely if that occurs.

If politicians and governments continue to treat the lives of everyone on this earth as their toys to play with and destroy whenever they feel insulted then I don’t see a future for us worth living. This has got to end before it’s too late.

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