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Sanuk Men’s Chiba Slip On

Never worn a sidewalk surfer? This one will make you a Chiba-liever!

Product Features

  • Sized appropriately to meet the needs of the Big & Tall
  • Super laid-back look with frayed seams and padded stretch collar
  • Molded EVA foam footbed
  • Happy U outsole; Heavy canvas upper with frayed edge and soft canvas lining

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Anonymous says:

The dankness! These things so dank! Not the dark and damp cellar kind of dank, more like the kind of dank you feel when you find that beachside taco stand that wraps burritos in a quesadilla and still put cheese on top. I think if you’re seriously considering these Chiba’s, you’ll completely understand what I’m saying! If you need to read more, I offer the rest of my review:These are great “shoes” (or whatever you wanna consider them). The bottoms feel like flip-flops, and the top cloth…

Anonymous says:

Super comfort and casual nice looks (UPDATED) I’m loving these. They look great (in a casual way) and of course the best part is comfort. I found them surprisingly light. The sole is more substantial than I expected. And I was prepared for a total absence of arch support, BUT, to my pleasant surprise I found that the cushiony insole does form to the foot enough to provide some meaningful arch support.I’ve had them on several times now, and the last time the thought flashed, “My feet feel better in these than wearing…

Anonymous says:

Size 14 fits perfect, COMFORTABLE, casual men’s shoes. First impression; they felt very cheap. I felt the slippery bottom like a cheap foam sandal, and the look was less than impressive… but then I put them on. My opinion changed immensely. These things are comfortable. Some people complain about no arch support… Sandals don’t have arch support, so that’s irrelevant. I wear standard leather thong sandals, and these are a compliment to those. They are comfortable, I can walk, drive, run, relax in them. The look has grown on me, and they don’t…

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