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Self Tanning Mitt – Professional Bundle Kit Includes Exfoliating & Remover Mitts, Face Applicator & Tan Lotion Body Application Glove for Best Streak Free Sunless Tanner – Spray, Mousse, Cream or Gel

This kit has everything you need! An exfoliation mitt, applicator for both your body and face. It pairs perfectly with Beauty by Earth Self Tanner.
Simply exfoliate area you will be tanning for a longer lasting tan. Apply an even amount of tanner to the application mitt and rub in.

Product Features

  • LONG LASTING TAN: Our professional applicator kit includes an exfoliation mit to remove dead skin cells or remove your tan. Exfoliating before you use self tanner makes for a long lasting sunless tan.
  • STREAK FREE COLOR: Using an application mitt with sunless tanning lotion creates a smooth even application. No mess, just a streak-free golden, bronze glow to your skin.
  • FACE APPLICATION: A small mitt fits over the fingers for easy application of self tanner to your face. No messy hands or palms.
  • COMPLETE KIT: Kit includes an exfoliation mitt, body application mitt and face application mitt. Best used with Beauty by Earth’s Self Tanner, formulated with natural & organic ingredients. Can be used with other tanning products such as Fake Bake, St. Tropez, Jergens or St. Moriz. Compatible with tanning spray, lotion, cream or mousse.
  • BAG FOR TRAVEL & STORAGE: All mitts come in a zipping storage bag for use when traveling with your tanning supplies. Self tan wherever you go!

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JenMExx says:

Good quality mitt that gives even coverage. I first started using self-tanner last summer. I’m very fair skinned and refuse to sunbathe(I wear sunscreen even in winter) Also, I burn instead of tan and there’s that thing called Cancer. So, I used a natural self-tanner all throught the summer with just my hands. It came out pretty nice but I always felt a little.sticky no matter how much baby powder I put on afterward and there was always some spots that absorbed too much and turned orange no matter how much lotion I had put on prior(webs…

James L T says:

Disappointing I’ve had experiences getting self-tanning lotion on unevenly, so I was happy to find this kit, which I thought would be helpful. Turns out it really wasn’t. The actual size of the exfoliating mitt with the elastic wristband was inappropriately represented by the photo, because it shows an entire hand outstretched inside the mitt. With my hand inside the mitt, I couldn’t come close to being able to extend my fingers. After doing some careful measuring of my hand and the mitt just for this…

Anonymous says:

Due to medical reasons, I am not able to just lay out in the sun or tanning beds and get a tan. I have been using sunless tanning lotions for quite some time now. Having a good self tanning mitt is key to putting on your tanning lotion. This kit came with everything you need to get that great tan with very little fuss. The 3 mitts come in a reusable plastic type bag so you can store them after each use/cleaning and for easy transport.The idea of having non stained hands is definitely a…

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