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Sen. Jeff Flake asks C-SPAN if all Mormons look alike; Updated!/JeffFlake/status/309770374529314816

A news station mistakenly identified Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona as Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada.

Flake had a little fun at the news station’s expense — both Flake and Heller are Mormon — but in the course of doing so he made an error of his own:

@jeffflake Those aren’t C-SPAN graphics.Here’s C-SPAN screen shot from last night (cc: @leighmunsil @elisefoley)

— Jeremy Art (@cspanJeremy) March 7, 2013


* * *

Update, 4:32 pm ET:

If only MSM outlets would correct their errors so quickly and graciously:

Looks like it was the Senate graphics folks who insulted Sen. Heller with my pic #standingwithRand. Sorry, C-SPAN!

— Jeff Flake (@JeffFlake) March 7, 2013

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