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Sharpie 30072 Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 12 Count

Create bold expressions with Sharpie Permanent Markers. This set of 12 colorful permanent markers is ideal for making lasting marks that stand out on nearly any surface. Featuring a durable fine point, the Sharpie markers allow you to draw precise, enduring lines. The quick-drying ink is both smear and fade resistant. Express yourself with Sharpie markers.

Product Features

  • Bright, colorful ink makes a vivid impression
  • Durable fine tip delivers bold, detailed lines
  • Ink dries quickly, resists smearing and fading and is water resistant
  • Works on most hard to mark surfaces
  • Includes: Black, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Lime, Aqua, Yellow, Orange, Red, Berry, Purple and Brown Sharpie permanent markers in a resealable pouch

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Anonymous says:

awesome markers , one of a kind im not originally from the united states , back home sharpies are very expensive and very rare to find , so i never really tired them out as much , but have always heard about them and how they are the best and everyone likes them , i was in need of a few markers so i thought i might as well try them out ,,, to be honest i can understand why people like them so much and why they are popular amongst teenagers …. first the best part about it is the price , its a lot more reasonably priced here…

Anonymous says:

A Proper Sharpie Permanent Marker.

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