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She absolutely hates her Christmas collar. And me, apparently.


SubzeroAK says:

Someone better sleep with one eye open tonight!

AtypicalTitan says:

Plotting your destruction

goodgravybatman says:

You feeling lucky punk?

wolfgang1107 says:

Does this look like the face if mercy?

weganmerner says:

I just witnessed someone downvoting all the posts so theirs could rank higher. What the actual fuck Imgur

AsSubtleAsARabbitRapingACatMarkII says:


spicysausage says:

It’s a thing now. It sucks.

aaronis1 says:

anyone else think the space above that little dogies head looks like the beginning of a christmas hat

Thesignsaidnextsign30miles says:

My dog: And here is where I would jingle my bells… IF I HAD ANY.

IdontcareIloveit says:


RichCorinthian says:

I have never before seen a dog giving the “suspicious black lady” look.

KafkasButt says:

i’m not surprised tho.

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