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Silencing Skip: Fans unite for #TebowFreeTV!/JennyJavalera/status/194437184491753472!/JoeFio1/status/194438062091153409

In case you don’t follow ESPN’s hit debate show First Take, sports analyst Skip Bayless has a HUGE huge crush on Tim Tebow. His love for Tebow even goes way beyond John Madden’s love for Brett Favre.

During the two-hour show, Bayless has a habit to always mention Tebow multiple times throughout several arguments. Not only has it started to get REALLY annoying, ESPN has turned it into a running joke. On Monday’s show the network ran a contest to see just how badly fans would love to see 24-hours of Tim Tebow free television.

I will support #TebowFreeTV just to get Skip Bayless to shut the eff up…. He has a man crush like nothing else.

— Cody (@The_SpacePope) April 20, 2012

#TebowFreeTV best thing ever!! So sick of hearing about him

— Britni Roberts (@BritR0b) April 20, 2012

#TebowFreeTV omg I would do backflips if we could have that for just a day please let this happen

— 80'S Baby (@Got2beG) April 23, 2012

@jemelehill I never thought I'd ever say I miss you all talking about Brett Favre #TebowFreeTV

— Dorean Terrell (@dtkoonce) April 20, 2012

@RealSkipBayless very annoying. It would be #EXCITING to hear some relevant sports talk. I am so #EXCITED for some #tebowfreetv #Excited

— William (@BeamenXIII) April 23, 2012

#tebowfreetv seriously soooo sick of him!! NYG ARE THE BEST NEW YORK TEAM!!!!! Said and done!

— Cortney Hemingway (@cortneyhemi23) April 23, 2012

Im sick of always hearing about an over rated QB EVERYDAY!! He's not worthy! Send him 2 Dallas next 2 Tony Homo #tebowfreetv

— GunZSoSiety (@II_Gunz) April 23, 2012

Everyone Pray for #TebowFreeTV with @TrueSkipBayless – Ha, see what I did there? #NFL

— Angry Jim Harbaugh (@AngryHarbaugh) April 23, 2012

#tebowfreetv would be blessing in the making! Imagine that! My prayers would be answered:)

— A.B. (@kalibreeze2000) April 23, 2012

Yo @ESPN_FirstTake 24 Hours of #TebowFreeTV is irrelevant!! Go, 24 DAYS without talkin Tebow! THAT would be a real win

— Mars…™ (@FlyMrWhite) April 23, 2012

#TebowFreeTV I miss the old days when ESPN talked about sports.

— Jessica (@jessicathatswho) April 23, 2012

While 24-hours of Tebow free TV would be AWESOME, that won’t keep some fans from getting greedy and wanting even more.

@RealSkipBayless 24hrs of #TebowFreeTV been done before. First Take is 2 hr show. How bout 12 straight shows of no Tebow. Adds up to 24 hrs.

— Keith (@KRuggs75) April 20, 2012

There weren’t many fans speaking out against Tebow free TV, but we did happen to find one…

Can't get enough Tebow on ESPN! Just say no to #tebowfreetv

— Chad E. Hayes (@ChadEHayes) April 23, 2012

Other tweeters thought the contest was completely worthless because let’s face it, Tebow isn’t going away anytime soon.

Too bad we'll never see #tebowfreetv in this era of television.

— FEESH (@Feesh4life) April 20, 2012

#TebowFreeTV will never exist.

— Shabazz DuBois (@TheOnlyJPoe) April 23, 2012

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