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Simon Game

To beat the Simon game, players need to remember the color pattern and repeat it by pressing the colored buttons on the game unit in the correct order. It starts off at a nice steady pace, but the more you play, the more complicated the patterns become, building suspense with each turn. Players try to hit a new high score by completing the longest sequence possible without messing up. Can you beat the Simon game? Hasbro Gaming and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

Product Features

  • Classic Simon gameplay
  • Follow lights and sounds
  • Suspense builds as sequences get longer
  • Keeps track of highest score
  • Includes Simon game unit and instructions
  • Requires 3 1.5V “AA” alkaline batteries (demo batteries included)

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Anonymous says:

The best classic Simon experience for ALL ages. This ‘New’ reissue is (in my opinion) better than the previous Simon reissue (the touch based version) released a few years back. Also, forget Simon Swipe and the recently made Simon Air. All of those previous games have issues of not responding to touches and gestures. THIS is what you are looking for. Simple button presses.Let me explain why this is better. If you grew up through the 80’s then Simon was probably a part of your childhood. As an adult I still love this game. This…

Anonymous says:

We LOVE this game!!! I had bought my daughter a keychain pocket sized Simon game years ago as a stocking stuffer and we always played a couple of games.after I tucked her in and lights were out. Eventually the batteries died and when I went to replace them, the cost of the battery was more than the game so I did not.replace them. I saw this game on a deal of the day type sale for $10.49 and could not pass it up. I was worried the full size version would be heavy and the buttons would be hard to press like the older…

Anonymous says:

Fun for everyone and educational

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