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Smile for the camera? Oh! OH HAI!


codexdelux says:

Last picture: not sure if “ILOVEYOUSOMUCH” or “IMGONNAKILLEVERYONE!”

StevieRayVaughan says:


codexdelux says:

its hard to tell until the mayhem commences

TheBoredMeeting says:

Completely irrelevant: Your username makes me happy because I’m in an audiology class and I actually know what the mastoid is…that’s all.

Tealwolfy says:

You’re a good dug

livingonagiantfireball says:

What is the painting in the background?

buttfondler says:

your dog reminds me of the snort fridge mold dog

maskedword says:

This dog is amazing. I shall post these photos at dog height, so my dogs have something to aspire to.

TannerIsHere says:

Those eyes!

PvtWaffles says:

I want this pooch to meet this cat:

KeimaKatsuragi says:

Anyone else remembered of Fox MccLoud?

Sqwuid says:

“I bit off his nose and eyes, now he can’t function without my help!” 8D

daynuhduh says:

what big eyes you have O_O

TheInfamousWolf says:

Is that a Corgi-Husky mix?

TheKrak3n says:

must eat toy!

abugeebugeeboo says:

Last frame: “Heyyyy” -Dog

ElCapitanoHack says:

I love this photo so much it reminded me of the old Xzibit picture that some of you may remember,

Mxrlon says:

-“just waking up, totally surprised” -lying Photogenic Dog

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