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Sneak Peak of Lady Gaga on The Tanning Effect


LittleMissOhMyGosh says:

I’ll Never Stop Believing In Her. Paws Up Forever And Always!<3

scatatdawn says:

She’s so beautiful in this, I wish she’d have her hair like this more often

corinne54 says:

Where is this interview?

iron232 says:

She is my whole reason for everyhting! <3

RCT3vaughn0055 says:

She looks soooo “Early Fame Monster” Gaga!!!!

Dina Afram says:

What’s up with the guy’s formal suit and kicks…

Frostiana Havisham says:

@VipericVampire Most people that “idolize” celebrities don’t actually see
them as gods. It’s Hyperbole!

VipericVampire says:

@FutureTrophyWife96 I hope so, ’cause I lol at people crying at her
concerts just to be in front row…

zack199544 says:

@iron232 me 2

ericagirlie91 says:

i love this woman!

andreea chiper says:

You are my beautiful Queen <3 Paws up forever!

Lonsterlmfu says:

@TheLadyRed18 She has been for the last two months, google gaga in
hollywood coming out of recording studio, she’s been rocking a lot of
classy looks lately.

Jade Depp says:

i luv u mommy!

mlccharlottex says:

When is this actually airing?!

giani108 says:

lol @ his shoes 😛

Bigdaddy5435 says:

thats what a real star does care about fans gaga al the way

Caleb Fernandez says:

@TheLadyRed18 i’m pretty sure it’s a Versace suit… so that doesn’t
exactly count as normal xD

Christina Germanotta says:

She says the most sweetest things.:)

fearnolady says:

she’s really beautiful>>>>….

LadyLuvlyGaga says:

When does the full interview air?

insomnia says:

@TheLadyRed18 nope

Jason Shaw says:

Aww. She looks so beautiful and genuine. *.*

James Pavon says:

@TheLadyRed18 She pretty much wears what she wants. I’m pretty sure you
didn’t see her Thanksgiving special where she said that she loves fashion.
That some of it is provocative and some of it isn’t. So some fashion she
wears might be quite bizarre and other times the fashion she wears isn’t. &
usually it’s only her hats and hair that’s unique and occasionally her
shoes. I don’t think you watch enough of her interviews so that’s why you
seem like you’ve had a heart attack.

LemoParamore says:

She looks great there. Why does she still insist on wearing big hats and

BunnyBaeBay says:

She looked like she had been crying! Oh no I hope all was well in the end!

Supervillain says:

I’m here because I thought she would talk about tanning salons, tanning
lotions and self tanners… lol

nikos576 says:

wow! she is smokin hot here!

max ayanas says:

lol the the shoes !

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