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So, It’s Sunday Night

1. You’ve had a good weekend, right?

Bevan Goldswain / Via

3. Rested Up For the Week?

Dmitriy Shironosov / Via

4. Got rid of all the work week’s stress?

5. Great! Because tomorrow……

6. Is Monday

8. You’ll need to get up while it’s still dark out.

9. See these delicious pancakes?

10. You won’t have time for them tomorrow.

11. Remember how awesome it was to hang out in your pjs this morning?

12. Tomorrow you’ll be wearing work clothes by 7.

13. Today you had all the time in the world to watch cat videos.

Yuri Arcurs / Via

14. Tomorrow all you’ll have time for is this.

15. But it’s not quite here yet. You have time. Watch some “Homeland.”

17. Lay out your clothes for tomorrow.

bikeriderlondon / Via

19. You’re totally ready for bed now.

20. And when you open your eyes, it’ll be Monday.

wavebreakmedia / Via

21. Time to just accept it

22. And look on the bright side

24. Only four days until….

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