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So my buddy makes balloon art…


cjmithrandir says:

You can’t NOT see Jennifer’s boobs. …

CoconutLime says:

Balloon-Jared-Leto didn’t make it in the pic either.

Desmondthemotherfuckingmoonbear says:

I’d like to bang some of them.

karmabot says:


PopPopGetsATreat says:

Balloon Bradley Cooper looks like a swarthy Turkish serial killer

TheGreatHuman says:

This reminds me of the angel puppet episode.

CerebrawlHemmorage says:

Previously on imgur there was a face swap one with Spacey’s face on all. Ellen saw it:

AHotDanishGuy says:

Yeah they’re a bit inflated…

craftyyuppie says:

They really captured Julia Roberts…

eggmuffin says:

You must have the weirdest penis…

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