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So, this guy got himself stuck in a highchair at McDonald's


periodpad says:

God damn, how long has he been stuck?

polkaboxers says:

that’s just unfortunate…like really unfortunate

dirk967 says:

Over a year ago

MyAwesomeImgurUsername says:

“Well what happened was…”

SomebodyfromanotherjobsMrPurple says:

I assume people who go to McDonald’s regularly get stuck in chairs a lot.

WhatToDoHelp says:

seems like he underwent puberty sitting there

xenocomagain says:

What a smoothie.

FifthAlicorn says:

..did they really need to contact the police?

Skreamie says:


Babyfaceguy says:

MacDonald’s learned that they should just give people happy meals if they really want them

TGoldOrDie says:

I bet his friends speak highly of him

SlightlyNormal says:

That look of shame on his face..

terdFerguson says:

I drank like 3 liters beer and I only paid like funfzehn Mark twenty, and then my buddy…..

bobatron8472 says:

Bah dah dah dah daaaahhhhh, he’s stuck in it.

retrohellix says:

That commercial is so annoying, but +1 for being relevant.

sevirlium says:

“Now were going to leave you here so you can think about your actions.”

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