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So this was in the local paper today


abnormallynormal says:

I bet his wife was the one who made him delete his account

Bladedmeepmeepers says:

Internet fame, the best kind of fame. Now you can hang out with all the other meme girls

PuppiesStartedEveryWar says:

I hate when I see image macros IRL. I hate when I see them on the internet too, but IRL is much, much worse.

ForThoseWhoHaveHeart says:

They’re becoming aware of us!

Hackabilly says:

Lindsay Prater. You have been imgured!

Noice says:

“Get’s allowance / And Social Security” Genius.

whatuhguy says:

Accurate description of 60 y/o woman in the ozarks

UpvotesForCalicos says:

Oh God.

Turtleproof says:

Slow news year.

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