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So we are doing awesome snowmen? Here is a Chain Chomp me and some friends made a few years ago.


CFH4DMB says:

No, the bobombs were the wind up bombs

CFH4DMB says:

If you had Christ in your heart yo would know that that is in fact is a chain chomp.

CFH4DMB says:

Oh shit! It took me a minute! Right over my head at first.Pretty quick there with he downvotes there aren’t ya.See that’s why ya need Christ

CommanderLiteral says:

It’s a really bad pun. It’s amazing what posting first can do for someone.

puppystatus says:


delcanto93 says:

my friends and I*

CommanderLiteral says:

No, it sounds like you’re complaining because you got a reference that didn’t really deserve the amount of points it’s getting. (1/2)

CommanderLiteral says:

I miss when people’s responses were actually fucking funny. (2/2)

inane says:

Inb4 bomb clip behind the bars for the run

Qbert says:

Those ghosts have made Pac-Man pretty angry.

yunoimgur says:

Let slip the carrots of war… Well, that sounds stupid, doesn’t it? Bacon ftw.

SuCo says:

Awesome movie!

CFH4DMB says:

Oh,man!we’ll I guess that makes my comments retroactively full of assholery and douchebaggery. Sorry. I was just taking the piss. My bad

iamireland says:

Imgur thrives on bad puns. They fuel the entire site. Your passive-aggressive whining indicates to me that you aren’t very observant.

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