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SoftTouch Self-Stick Heavy Duty Furniture Felt Pads & Bumpers for Hard Surfaces, 320 Piece Best Seller Value Pack with Free Storage Bag.

These heavy-duty felt pads offer superior protection for all of your hard household floors and surfaces, protecting against scratches and marring of floors and furniture. Plus, the self-stick, extra-strength adhesive offers lasting protection. This two-piece value pack Brown self stick felt pads and bumpers is perfect for whole home protection and will blend in to match any decor. Kit includes: 32 pc of 3/4 inch round Brown, 80 pc of 1 inch round Brown, 32 pc of 1.5 inch round Brown, 12 pc of 1/2 inch bumpers, 42 pc of 3/8 inch felt bumpers Brown, 20 raised bumpers, 40 assorted bumpers, 60 soft dots, 2 pc of Brown felt blankets 4 1/2 inch x 6 inch and 1 mesh bag for convenient storage protect all of your home’s surfaces and furniture with the promise of SoftTouch surface protection solutions.

Product Features

  • Protect your hard surfaces – everyday use and movement of furniture can be damaging your hard floor surfaces. These SoftTouch felt pads can help protect your beautiful floors from scratches and marring
  • Reduce scratching and noise – use these assorted felt pads to reduce friction and noise while moving furniture and protect your hardwood, ceramic, tile, linoleum floors and all other hard surfaces from unsightly scratches and damage
  • Eliminate noise from everyday use – never again hear the annoying scraping sound of a chair being pushed against a hard surface – furniture felt pads help reduce noise from everyday use
  • Perfect for all furniture and crafts too – the long-lasting, heavy-duty furniture felt pads are super durable with a self-stick adhesive and can be used on tables, cedar chests, chairs, curio cabinets, desks and much more. They can even be used for craft projects
  • Assorted sizes and shapes – each value pack includes 320 Brown felt pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes, including: (32) ¾” round Brown, (80) 1″ round Brown, (32) 1.5″ round Brown, (12) ½” bumpers, (42) 3/8″ felt bumpers Brown, (20) raised bumpers, (40) assorted bumpers, (60) soft dots, (2) Brown felt blankets – 4 ½” x 6″ and 1 mesh bag for convenient storage

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Anonymous says:

Too many tiny ones – 83% tiny and useless

Anonymous says:

Great product, not sure what to use the small discs for… After installing hardwood floors I wanted to ensure our furniture wouldn’t be destroying them as it was moved about. I purchased this pack of felt pads as I liked the idea of having lots of different sizes as well as the sheets to cut and fit. I’ve since used them on the 6 dining room chairs, a sofa, loveseat and an ottoman.The kit worked well to take care of these items and after several months of use the pads have not come off or had any problems. The self adhesive backing is easy…

Anonymous says:

I use these all over the house. Every housewife/house owner should have some of these around. I put them on the backs of furniture so they don’t rub the wall and mess up the paint. I put them on a lot of drawers to keep them from banging. A lot of the little bumpers they put on drawers are plastic and they turn into goo in a few years and these don’t. I especially like them on the backs of picture frames, again to protect my wall paint. We live in a earthquake area and I don’t want my pictures rattling on the wall. I also…

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