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Someone give that man a medal.


Sugarcrotch says:

not to be mean to the little kid but its nice to be able to recognize these people. so that i dont say anything awkward around them.

suicideranger says:

Assholes can be assholes where every the damn well please. He just needs to find a place with higher dress code standards.

Wlerin says:

Eh. I’d like to agree with the waiter’s stance, but the central area of my local library is always full of “special” teens and adults.

Wlerin says:

I go to the library to read, study, and think; not listen to random outbursts for hours. Maybe the patron was wrong, but I understand him.

DrN00B says:

Although I agree with the waiters actions & agree that the customer was wrong to say that I have to wonder if the child was being disruptive

Acephalous says:

That’s fucked up…Just cause the kid likes Star Wars. Geeze.

Myceliated says:

retarded is good. its straight to the point. they are slow in the brain. There is nothing offensive about it

annerbananers says:

You literally cannot control when an Autistic child has a meltdown. It has nothing to do with respect or a lack thereof. It’s the disability

suicideranger says:

My dyslexia is showing.

suicideranger says:

A for effort.

riograndexile says:

Yeah, Houston!

Korona123 says:

Ok just going to be devils advocate for a second. If it was a movie and the kid was being disruptive, would you have a problem ask to leave?

mustikka12 says:

haha, im gonna burn in hell :’ D this kiddo.. wow.. lock him up in cellar and never let out. These ppl ruin our economy. just think ’bout it

BigDookie says:

I like your spark, kid +1


who ever downvoted this, you are going to burn in hell

TheCrazyA says:

People like you demoralize the world. Maybe you should be locked up in a cellar. Heartless cunt.

jchawks08 says:

One out of three is Dee Dee Dee –Carlos Mencia

imgurk says:

i get where you’re coming from. ‘Special’ people offer nothing and yet we spend so much money taking care of them.

seandirte says:

No if I was a hypocrite I’d have said “I want this kid to wire my house” Don’t stalk me just because you’re a moron.

un1ty says:

At least the offending table didn’t have their names leaked all over. Terrible what they did, worse is the internet backlash.

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