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Someone, is going, to die.


afistfulofchickens says:

…I dreamed of Africa.

ThereAreSomeWhomCallMeTim says:

I read this in Stevie from Malcomb in the Middle’s voice.

ThisIsUnacceptable says:

Salami Ears!

BeetlejuiceBreaksIn says:

I will murder your pizza with pepperoni. – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Enidaj says:

Samurai Pizza Cat!

RambunctiousCrow says:

if you read them as deliberate pauses it works fine

RambunctiousCrow says:

OP on frontpage can use punctuation any way he likes (and usually, im a total grammar nazi)

JamesBluntThatSmartassCunt says:

What, are commas, to you?

ImNotReallyHereAtAll says:

Well I feel a bit herpy right now… derp.

ReallyBigToe says:

You can at like a sbarro bit typically its restaraunt food

ImNotReallyHereAtAll says:

Too bad I’m not really here to retain it…

SlightlyNormal says:

That was just an expression, don’t get your hopes up 😛

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