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Sorry if this is a repost, just stumbled upon this and thought you guys would like it


theg666 says:

Very carefully.

FinallyRegisterin says:

You were right. It’s neat-o.

boobookittiefuck says:

+1 for neat-o

DaveMick says:

They didn’t carve it. It’s a fish eat fish sort of beach.

ScotchBingington says:

They do the smaller fish first and build around it. They then fix the small fish cosmetically as they go on.

Wakening says:

I’ve always wondered how long these things last. Once the water evaporates, you have to watch your creation disintegrate. 🙁

theh8ed says:

This is always the correct answer to this type of question.

cousteau says:

With a shitload of patience.

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