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Southern University Human Jukebox vs. Alcorn State Sounds of Dyn-O-mite 2014


Art Del Mundo says:

Great video. I love watching and listening to videos of college matching
bands. It seems that at the historically black universities, it’s like
watching a game within the game with the 2 bands competing against each
other am I right? I would love to check out a game one of these days, but
sadly no HBUs in California. 

trellcorleone says:

I never really liked Alcorn, so my biased judgement doesn’t count! 

Jakobe Lucky says:

what’s the name of the song alcorn play at 14:09

John White says:

can’t hate on what ever song that was @ 14:09 bones was smashing

Jose Cayette says:

Su is a beast!!!!!!!!!!!

Melly Mell says:

When Su March In I Love That Slow Walk They Do And Did Anybody Else See
That Dude At The End When They Were Marching Out Try And Touch The Dolls

Kenric Whitaker says:

SU Killed it. No contest. But I must agree. Someone tell those male
cheerleaders get they nasty ass out the from of the band p – popping and go
hype the crowd.

smvballer6 says:

SU , easy win 

Ja'Coria Stills says:

Alcorn heasbussa arrangements is wack don’t hear any mellophone 

DeAndre Noel says:

SOD made the grave error of cranking on SU while they were playing a march.

iyounh954 says:

HUMANJUKEBOX got that POWER that can’t be matched !!!

rwms418 says:

Question… Why does the cheerleaders cheer in front of the band instead of
the fans?

iyounh954 says:

SU dress code is tight as they sound and drill the field !!!

ALCORNbtone8912NtZ says:

Gimme Dat always gives me life!!! Go Sounds!

Mario Chalmers says:

Maybe next Alcorn but this time u’ll did good

iyounh954 says:

Alcorn stirred up a hornets nest and got stung !!!

verbvideo says:

In Storm and Sunshine sounded good.

Kenneth Fitz says:

What type of camera set-up are you recording with? Good quality video and

Swift 84 says:

Camera man should’ve stood in the middle. Both have sound but Alcorn immune
system (trumpets, f-horns) not strong enough. If they have a full summer of
high brass sectionals daily and work on there endurance they’ll b
hell…… Good job both but SU took this one.

tanya satoru says:

they smashed SOD with ruthless aggression 

rwms418 says:

I don’t think they need ANY help… lol

Marcus Watkins says:

Su show my gawsh

Jalissa Crosby says:

imma eat hem all

Christopher Sims says:

Please someone tell me the name of that song SU play at 29 minutes. I LOVE

Bryant Lang says:

31:00 was life lol

The Cobra Strikes Again says:

fukkk asuthey nott talking bout nun

John White says:

@ 28:58 battle OV !!!!!!!!!!!!

IchWill MusikMachen says:

watched it, enjoyed it ! good night

bigcbm says:

whats the tune at 56:00

Demetrius Rollack says:

Lol SU triflin’ for that no flex zone Lol

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