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Southern University vs. Talladega College Bacchus 2014


Kevin Nelson says:

The Best part of Mardi Gras, the Face Off Battle of the Band before
everything starts.

Arlene Compass says:

All I have to say is thanks to all of you who made this happen. Thoroughly
enjoyed it. The marching bands MAKE Mardi Gras!! Two superb bands with
superb performances. LOVE it!!

Kevin Powell says:

The problem with most SU faithful is that they simply refuse to believe
that another band can rival them. In all fairness to them though, it very
seldom happens,..including this battle. I’ve never heard of TC and even
though they stood there ground I would hardly award them the win here. I’m
by no means a Jukebox fan but will give credit where it’s due. Also, it’s
easy be a loud, strong band. If they want to be considered on the same
level as SU lets see them on the field to see what kind of halftime
performance they can muster. 

Eric Dejuan says:

Southern gave out towards the end… They simply got out played. And im a
HUGE SU fan. Trumpets gassed out and they screwed up Holy Grail. TC was
still blowing. 2 year old band… thats scary.

Orlando Phillips says:

I’m just going to excuse some of these comments on here that even suggested
that TC blew out SU. True Band heads and people who ever marched in a
college band knows it’s not only by loudness which TC sounded horrible and
sloppy and who gives almost all there Melody of their songs to Baritones?
It’s all about Balance and Southern have that. Mardi Gras is during spring
semester and for college band that mean it’s concert season so for most
band it’s not going to be a full band like Marching season. 

HairTimeWithAaliyah ! says:

I liked TC better…they don’t squeak as much as SU, but SU does play good
songs but not in this battle, i think their song choices were boring and TC
caught your attention more

chris griffin says:

For it to even be a question about who win shows that Talladega has come a
long way only having a band program and if Talladega had been a program for
a couple more years of course they would of won… You wouldn’t expect a
high school basket ball player to beat and NBa player but if the score was
76 to 75 that says something huh?

Xavier Russell says:

I think Holy Grail should have been played in the beginning when they
weren’t exhausted. The trumpets sounded a bit defeated at times.

Ashlyn D. says:


Nina Ross says:

Finally Southern University band is the smaller band and funny thing about
it is I hear the same excuses they claim all of the other smaller bands
they tend to bully on make as far as not having a full size band. I
remember when southern only needed a hundred twenty-eight band members to
have a full sound now they need almost 200 to equal that sound, so either
128 old school was over achieving or almost 200 is under underachieving ???
you be the judge

DeAndre Noel says:

And the sad part about this is this was SU’s final Mardi Gras parade
season with Lawrence Jackson as Director of Bands.

Dope says:

Most of y’all bands would that ass fried by TC band. Y’all weak ass bands
can’t hang with TC y’all act like this the first time SU took a “L”. Hell
y’all better go learn y’all band history Famu, JSU, TxSU and even NCAT use
to wax SU ass. SU fans just retarded SU is NOT the best band in the land
they just too overrated.

Anthony Harris says:

Clearly TC is bigger which mean they should of been killing SU. However,
they didn’t kill SU. I will say they held their own. One way to settle this
is to send them to the honda classic this year then see who is really
holding it down!!!!!

McLeod Arrangements says:

What’s Southern First Song Called? Its Too Much

Roger Bernard says:

That second song by SU though….really? Runs, Runs, Runs…sorry TC nice
attempt that battle was done with Su’s first two songs. Difficulty of
arrangements, with execution hands downs trumps loud playing. Southern
again and again proves that it’s not just about playing loud but can you
beat their difficulty of arrangements and power. Very few can.

Markieth White says:

Talladega was good but clearly they could not stand up to SU. As a matter
of fact it seems as though Talladega got their playing style from SU. Not
to mention SU tubas killed TC tubas. IJS

Dontreze Gabriel says:

The Best part of Mardi Gras, the Face Off Battle of the Band before
everything starts.

Tavis Cooper says:

Lol if you’re in a southern band like both of these two and you play
woodwinds I thinking your quite irrelevant. All you hear is brass

joel chalk says:

Let’s all agree and say that SU’s band director is a super hero! 

Jayy. Smooth says:

Tc got on su , no liee cuz they was loud but su won with better songs tc
has no real music just loud bs lol but we will see again soon!! 

ST C. says:

Southern is in concert season in the spring. This was literally half of
their band. They only had 8 baritones at this performance so of course
Talladega was louder, and that also explained why Southern tired out at the
end.. Not making excuses just calling a spade a spade.. Southern
arrangement’s were still better and Beyond won this battle alone to me..
How do you respond to Beyond with Thuggish Ruggish Bone?? Smh.. But anyway
If Talladega was to ever run across Southern at full strength then it’s
curtains for them man. This battle is gonna happen again next month. Just
wait on it.. If you think Southern is gonna get caught slipping again you
got another thing coming.

Tarpon pride says:

Dega loud on all those whole and half notes. And sound like shit on those
runs. Look ppl hate on Su because they been on top for so long and it’s ok.
I hate the New England Patriots. Only for one reason they win all the time.
How are you gonna compare a Ferrari to a Monte Carlo.Southern engine sound
powerful,smooth. Dega engine sound like it need a tune up. Listen i never
went to college. But I’ve been in the band before and I have ears. Dega has
a lot of potential but arrangements are horrible. I no you guys are young
and on your way but before you blow on(SU. NC.ATT or JSU). You have to be a
complete band. Hell of a job for 3rd year program. 

Víctor Green says:

Southern’s arrangements are THE DEAL!!!!!!! NOTHING but power! 

Micheal Graves says:

TC just needs a better arranger and they need to grow a little more as a
program. SU won for the fact that they sound like the more established
program. I know its cool that Talladega held there own when they’re such a
young program but that doesn’t give them the automatic win. SN: Volume
doesn’t either 

toom hitlah says:

TC need be battling against MEAC bands because their wasting time battling
SWAC bands because all they wanna do is Blast their instruments until they
lips bust it really don’t take all that if you got a band with 220 plus
members im just saying look at FAMU NC A&T Bethune Norfolk South Carolina
State etc.

shayshay Pettice says:

Southern owned that

Derrick Oaties says:

Su fan all fuckin day…but boy TC bringing that FIE!! LAWD!!

Rodney Donaldson says:

Talladega suprised me, I though they won this battle. SU started to fade
when they hit Holy Grail

Earl Brownlee says:

Honda will tell the real story.

lgpugh36 says:

The moment when TALLADEGA COLLEGE can play a difficult piece called
CONTUSION by stevie wonder like SU did, then I’ll change my thoughts change
about them as of now TC hasn’t proven anything in this battle but just
playing loud. 

MrGriffn says:


trellcorleone says:

Can any one possibly write the playlist by order of band?

Kevin Powell says:

Add on to my previous comment. I just watched a TC halftime performance
from 2013. Average at best with no life. Members halfassing and not lifting
legs and going all out. High school halftime show with basic step 2

Dave Akin says:

My lovely wife sent this to me. It’s a band off! Thanks O. 

jacquan collins says:

Su. Iz. All I hav. 2 say

Simone Bas says:

That was only su freshman and sophomores

998 Exupr1 says:

Both bands are LOUD, however musical accuracy and balance are sometime lost
when trying to achieve loudness. Take for example the marching 101 and
pretty brown eyes. That’s an example of musical clarity over loudness 

brian watts says:

Where Can one buy these arrangements?

isaiah says:

U can’t lie su band is overall better but TC tubas are tubas are better

emile bacchus says:

People are not realizing that teledago has band members from miles college
and alabama a&m in there band there not just people that wasnt are didnt
know how to play an instrument man they are grown ass men playing a horn do
they going to be loud stop saying there a 2 year old band fuck that they
been playing but its on the band director how he choose to play his music
and thats where they lack at music skills anybody can fucking blow a horn
but a real musician plays with control and skills and thays where s.u will
always overpower there opponents and Talladega push them b tones back with
the rest of the band thats why the loud as shit because they in front the
rest of the band

BPHIFuNKCymbals says:

2015 gone be interesting this year.

LaRhonda Smith says:

I would say on the behalf of Southern that imitation is the most highest
form of flattery this TC band has orgins of Southern band members and
copying their style which leaves to be nothing more than imitators so until
they find themselves as a band keeping being Southern understudy….

jay jenkins says:

damn..this one too close to call. and im a huge SU fan but TC did their
thing. but do they really have folks not even in school there that march in
the band?

Rodney Donaldson says:

40:37-40:39 tho!

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