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Spiderman crashes Xmen set.


einz73 says:

Spidey should just stay and hang out.

mstkawaiikitty says:

That is awesome!

Spiked says:

I like how they chase after him when he runs away.

hatmantc says:

this movie was made way before the height of the Deadpool popularity boom

futureadw08 says:

It would have been funnier if he did it during the Avengers shooting.

Fealix says:

looks like hes about to get chased down.

pcarosi13 says:

Deadpool why are you dressed as spiderman?

CaptainMcWow says:

(2/2) by throwing in Spidey with the Avengers.

CaptainMcWow says:

(1/2) I don’t understand these property battles between the movie companies. Both Sony and Disney would benefit greatly

veronicamarsdestroyerofworlds says:

Storm doesn’t even look and she starts laughing. What the what, Halle Berry?

godoftitsandwine says:

Thank you for the source. +1 to you good sir.

XgalEvey says:

I love that Cyclops actually thinks to chase him down.

TheWolverine says:

They would. But who gets to control the property during filming? Who gets to film it? That’s the big deal, here.

babycoolredhead says:

I love how he runs into the scene.

CommonWhiteGirl says:

This made me smile today

ClamChowder says:

Except deadpool would be shameless and continue the act.

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