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Spike Lee Gets Brutally Honest When Discussing Gentrification in Brooklyn. This Rant Has a Purpose


hazefarma says:

i guess spaha is the new name for spanish harlem lol

Larnell Brown says:

I can see what he is saying. Im from Chicago so we see that everyday where
we are known to be the most segregated city in America.

jap346 says:

It blows my mind that this presenter got a job with Complex and continues
to get segments. There is nothing charismatic about him.

Abel Dark says:

People like this is what’s keeping racism alive today. They don’t realize
theyre separating us from them. I’m black btw. 

Billy Bob says:

It’s not because they’re black it’s because they’re poor. Poor people don’t
matter don’t matter to the government and big businesses.

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