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Spike Lee Goes On Epic Rant Against Gentrification In NYC Audio


lemmieatit says:

With all due respect I choose to disagree. Spike, his wife and friends are
as much an elitist as those he is ranting about. When Spike sold hus
brownstone for $1million who did he think the buyer would be? Did he care?
He could’ve stayed but chose to live in the Upper Eastside with his family;
which he has every right to do. But be honest, Spike, you left Fort Greene
because of Black folks getting on your nerves. Spike’s own friends were
stealing from his clothing store. And his dad has a White wife.

Michael Ryan says:

Spike is telling the truth

Oh Lawdy says:

fuck spike lee and all degenerate filth

Mesalonika says:

I like Spike L…he tells it like it ‘s ..his family bought property in the
1968’s and now the whites cannot tolerate them?

Free agent 5 says:

Spike has flipped multiple properties to whites. He owns an apt valued at
32mil. Do as I say not as I do. Divide and conquer.

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