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Spike Lee is a Racist: His Anti-Gentrification Rant is a Rant Against Whites


Styxhexenhammer666 says:

I don’t normally do this- especially on recent uploads and only usually to
religious content, but I have set comments to approval only.

Judging from the comments I’m seeing so far this will devolve either into a
race war comment area or a bunch of redditors telling me to check my
privilege- well I won’t, you can check your goofball privilege for all I

Go back to (red)dit where you belong, multicultis.

Styxhexenhammer666 says:

As a part redskin/firewater drinker I have to agree with Spike, it was
terrible when all those whites and blacks came here and butchered my
ancestors and sterilized them.

But my native ancestor was male so at least my lineage didn’t include some
white dude buying a native wife for some cornmeal.

dylan111291 says:

No offense but a majority of black people think that they are owed
something all they do is steal and cheat you and whine about racism that
isn’t even happening when the ones complaining are racist to begin with. I
have black co-workers that i work with and respect who aren’t this way but
this is what I’ve observed.

jefe Anson says:

Also myself as part red skin , i too thank the blacks and the white
banker’s for decimating my ancestors ,with small pox and plague ,and buying
and selling my heritage, but i was also from the male side as well but
still it happened to my ancestors, even though my skin is white i to say”
spike ” you can get out of my country because unlike you I’m a natural
American if that’s the way he see’s it ,then i would like my families
reparations as well as our land back in which I’m sure your house is
sitting on it! Gimme your i mean my house spike! Because i hate you people
from Africa that came into my neighborhood!! By the way that bead you
traded me for my land wasn’t worth shit!

shokemrock vidz says:

oh man stixx your right on point. shit i had to leave a comment just 5 min
into this video i could not wait till it was over. spike lee is a fucking
races and black people as a race are selfish to each other and very very
very materialistic. im black and i love my race but i hate that we are
fucked up as a people. jessie jackson and all the rest are only money
hungrey not races and not only do i love my race i love the human
race as a whole. i do not like races people at all.

WBWWproductionz says:

yeah spike lee is an idiot… remember that movie “do the right thing”
where in the end they do the wrong thing by burning down the white guys
pizza place? most of his films suck

blackacidlizzard says:

Gentrification is a bad thing. White people, White business, White
governance, and White money have no place in Black societies. Let’s work on
creating the sovereign Black nations of Detroit, the Bronx, and Compton as
soon as we can.

OSlatraigh says:

*Melanin :P

Jordan Warrington says:

in my opinion racism is becoming less of a hurt full and powerful subject
because of how people use it. such as black people shooting “nigger” and
other racist terms makes this word that should be a no go area a common
word. WTF world 

Ras Tafari says:

you cannot raise the prices of rent in the “black” neighborhood and force
them out then move in and have your dogs shitting in all over the
grass…and like spike lee says they even change the name of the area
lol…he is not a racist, but a realist…

IncantationNYDM says:

His movies have sucked for a long time, he has no other way To stay
relevant than as some sort of pseudo-political figure, and protector of
“black culture” which isn’t even an accurate assessment of what all U.S.
blacks like or dislike, just his own particular tastes, like his love of
the shitty NBA pro basketball team the NY knicks who havent won a
championship since 1970. This has-been director with a napoleon complex
even gave Quentin Tarantino a load of shit for using the N word too much in
Pulp Fiction.

Brandon Jones says:

Spike lee’s blathering aside. The real issue is of class. It sucks when the
more affluent move in and rents and property tax increase. Admittedly it
can be a boon for those who own their property. That said because the poor
tend to be disproportionately minority it can easily be perceived and
arguably accurately as a race issue. /shrug

vorevox says:

You forgot about Jessie Jackson’s open microphone and what he said about

brwneyesaz says:

Spike Lee can afford to live anywhere. He just wants to get publicity for
either another book or movie. He is hypocritical because he is really
speaking for himself because he is not the leader of any black culture. He
is full of himself.

vorevox says:

You ever see the movie Do the right Thing? The white guy who stepped on
Radio Rakeems new sneakers was wearing what?

A Boston Celtic shirt with Larry Bids name and number on it. Spike Lee
hated him because he is very white and played very good basketball.

murda doe says:

the thing about detroit is that we dont see this racist behavior. people
understand the way the world works and its faults. ive never heard or seen
anyone say that whites werent welcome in their neighborhood. in detroit we
have this “were all in this together” mentality. spike lee is just an idiot

SuperFinGuy says:

Damn stupid Hollywood shills.

laxx1559 says:

African Americans are trying to preserve the LITTLE part of history they
have in this country. Portions of A.A. culture are appropriated, changed,
and used for gain by the greater culture. Remember the Harlem Shake? Did
anyone even think about the ACTUAL harlem shake?

Anonymous Johnson says:

Spike Lee has done the old slave argument. 

shadowdance4666 . says:

Just another bunch of people taking their turn around the Maypole. 

shadowdance4666 . says:

Racism begets Racism 

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