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Spike Lee on The Combat Jack Show!


Antonio Esposito says:

What’s up with all the trash ass music in the beginning? That ain’t
Hip-Hop! (Except for Joey Bada$$ 12:34)

Antonio Esposito says:

“Mo Better Blues” is my favorite movie of all time. (I feel guilty because
it should be Malcolm X)

Antonio Esposito says:

On some real shit Combat Jack, don’t shoot yourself in the foot. You
just kicked “Spike Lee” off your show early, like you did Lord Jamar? All
because he asked you not to say that he’s scaring White people? You are
exposing your true self, and it’s not a good look man? Coming from Medina,
being exposed to The Nation Of God’s & Earth’s? The Israelites? Dr. Malachi
York? And you have like a Sambo/Mantan type of energy, it’s disgusting.
Please Black man I’m not trying to assassinate your character, but if and
when you get a chance try to analyze to see if what I’m saying is true or
not? As a matter of fact, let me say this, I think you have held on to a
level of insensitivity from your time being a lawyer, because it’s that
same energy with all lawyers. Peace.

Oh… you admitted it at the end 1:32:56. “A love/hate relationship with
Spike Lee”. Wow!

cobracongo says:

Gentrification sucks

Antonio Esposito says:

And for the record, all the Black people that are disappearing from
Brooklyn and Harlem hard body, most are not just moving down south. Some
are dying! Some are being incarcerated, etc… With no money, you die!
These ‘felons’ that’s out here amongst us, and many other scenario’s, are
being ‘Black balled’ with avenues of so called justice. Can’t get a
job=can’t eat. Some can’t even get into homeless shelters because you have
to prove that you’re homeless nowadays with these new laws. The
manipulating tactics that are in play to murder us, is being used at
alarming rates. But most of us are so desensitized to seeing what’s right
in front of us. They’re also stealing pigmentation from dead Black men for
the stages in their ‘end game’ master plans!

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