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Spotted at my local University. I don't know how he got up there but that's hilarious.


weavehole says:

I’ve got a third degree burn in fine farts

shawnstu says:

Maybe if you can’t figure out how they did it you don’t really belong at a university?

Doomy22 says:

I hear that their classes aren’t shitty, but close.

shipwreckedandcomatose says:

Think roof approach

akain says:

the flatulence arts have been studied for centuries

blackletum says:

My old computer professor would be proud. He used to call one of the school’s degrees an “Associates in Graphic Farts”

MyNameIsJeanValjean says:

Well, the most likely scenario is that they went on the roof and hung off the side and painted it.

MrRaymondKHessel says:

It was always my dream to go to fart school. I’m currently working on my fartfolio…

MyNameIsJeanValjean says:

That stinks

ColossalCove says:

Do you even know?

MyNameIsJeanValjean says:

he took the stairs.

MetalGreymon says:

That’s what you get for setting them on fire.

ColossalCove says:

I don’t think it’s that simple

rooble says:

Folk like this make me happy to be alive.

Theimgursheisacruelmistress says:

Presumably someone climbed on the roof.

smither1 says:

Wouldn’t be that hard to get up on the roof an place the f where it is

DoovdeTottenham says:

I bet he’s a gas at parties.

MyNameIsJeanValjean says:

Pretty sure it is. They’re not getting a ladder big enough without being noticed and climbing from the window would just be stupid. The (1)

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